Monday, January 4, 2016

Book Review: Star Wars: The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance- Sean Williams

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Fatal AllianceStar Wars: The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance by Sean Williams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In real-world chronology this was the first book in The Old Republic series to come out; however in the Star Wars [Legends] Universe this was the third in the series after Revan and Deceived [both of which were published the following year in the real-world]. Those two along with the book Red Harvest in-between the first pair and second pair of The Old Republic novels did not have me looking forward to continuing the series and really made me dread the project of listening to all of the Star Wars audiobook novels that I had just started undertaking. So, maybe the bar was set really low, but I think that this book was not only great by comparison, but great in its own right.
I don't love story-lines that follow totally unfamiliar characters, but there were a few minor repeat appearances by characters from other books in the series [which of course, because of how the timelines worked out are because other authors chose to repeat characters from this book] which gave me a starting anchor. I cannot divulge everything I loved about this book without spoiling it, but the "fatal alliance" of the title is an alliance between Jedi and Sith to defeat a common threat to the galaxy (view spoiler). Although, the book was a little slow just before the main battle, it was amazingly enjoyable. It was not good enough to redeem the series of books, but because they were each published with the intent ot being stand-alone novels that loosely tie into the MMO game, it was more than good enough to stand on its own and is hands-down Sean Williams's best novel in the Star Wars Universe.

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