Monday, December 28, 2015

My Thought [Again] About a Listen-to-Book: The Edge of the Sky: All You Need to Know about the All-There-Is- Roberto Trotta

The Edge of the Sky: All You Need to Know about the All-There-IsThe Edge of the Sky: All You Need to Know about the All-There-Is by Roberto Trotta
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I read this book, like actually read it, earlier this year- and I wrote my thoughts about it then. This time read it again to pass the time while I waited for other books to come in to the book house to continue reading the group of books I am right now going through . Since I could listen to the book this time instead of reading it again, I decided to give it a chance. It works well as a listen-to-book, which surprised me, but the book could have been about a half of a half (or so) shorter, because at the beginning all of ten hundred most used words was read and that the end the whole word-explainer was read. I think I failed to point it out last time I wrote my thoughts about this book this book, but it not only explained the way we study the world around us really well it also had some very good choice of words to get the point across, like saying the student lady was "drinking a glass of red".

Again, the book pleased me, but really made me look forward to reading Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words when it comes out this fall.

If it has not been see-able already, I wrote these thoughts I had about the book in the same way the book wrote about The All-There-Is. This time, I used a different computer page to check my words, since the first writer Randall Munroe put one on his computer page.

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