Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Book Review: Ringworld- Larry Niven

Ringworld (Ringworld Series, #1)Ringworld by Larry Niven
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am always hesitant to pickup new sci-fi and fantasy. Most authors spend so much time creating worlds that they end up getting lost in them and end up writing really long books [or series] that they have trouble ending. So, I was then pleasantly surprised at how short Ringworld was and how concise Larry Niven was in writing Ringworld.

The story was immediately compelling and the world was futuristic. The world was described well enough to get the point across without treating the reader as such an outsider that it was over-explained [or doing the opposite that some books do of not describing it at all and letting the reader figure it out on their own later on]. The plot was immediate and compelling even though it was quite a while before the main characters ended up at the Ringworld and even longer before the (view spoiler)landed on the planet. It then becomes a story about survival in addition to the mystery of this unique planet. Personally, I enjoyed the science in the science fiction much of it was realistic and the sections that are not were at least believable.

On odd thing that I noticed about it was that I had to pay attention a little more than other books and that focus led me to not pick it up a frequently as my enjoyment level should have dictated. None-the-less, it is very easy to understand why it won both the Hugo and Nebula awards. I don't know that I am invested in the world enough to read the sequels, but I could see myself re-reading it because it was very good.

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