Saturday, January 7, 2017

Book Review: Star Wars: Death Troopers- by Joe Schreiber

Star Wars: Death TroopersStar Wars: Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I preemptively complained about this book when I reviewed its prequel. When I read the prequel I was just beginning my listen through all of the books in the Expanded Universe in In-Universe chronological order, some books were going to be new to me, and many were familiar to me because I had read them before. I had listened to this book originally, shortly after it came out and was disappointed with it then. Having been through Joe Schreiber's other additions to the Star Wars Universe I was not excited to re-read this one.
So maybe because I had such low expectations, I was not as disgusted by this book the second time through it. There is a descent amount of mystery, tragedy, and suspense in this novel that make-up for its ties to the horror genre. I suppose nearly anything can be tied into horror genre [somewhat like Rule 34 of the Internet], but just because it can be made to fit doesn't mean it should. In fact, I recall my cousin (who works at an independent bookstore) asking me about the new Star Wars novel he shelved that looked like a horror/slasher novel and asking me if I had given it a chance yet, and being appalled by its very existence. There are enough disturbing bits of to this novel that I don't really enjoy it, however, there was a really nice surprise cameo appearance of (view spoiler) for a descent amount of time and right around the climax of the novel. It was enjoyable to see (view spoiler). The book was not as bad as I remembered and I was surprised by the amount of detail that I had forgotten, but I still stand by it not really fitting into the Star Wars Universe, nor was it really worthwhile, and by my assertion that I am not sure who was begging for a prequel to the book- which was even more disturbing to read.

PS- Coincidentally, just this morning someone on Goodreads liked my review of this books prequel.

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