Monday, August 15, 2016

Book Review: Medstar Duology- by Michael Reaves and Steve Perry


First, I read the novels in the duology back-to-back in two days and the two are not very distinct for me, so it is possible there will be spoilers for both books. These books broke the standard Clone Wars novel format a little bit because they didn't really focus on a main and minor Jedi. You could make the argument that Luminara is a Master and was introduced back in Episode I and is therefore at least familiar, but she's never really been a main character (even the one book to feature her, both she and her apprentice were an aside to another pair of Jedi). This series also did a good job of integrating a few other Jedi into the story.
Overall the story line was good, but I expected the location and scene to change more than it did. They are supposed to be part of a mobile surgical unit [like M.A.S.H.], but because the location was under siege, for the most part the scene does not change much. It was awesome to see a familiar character from Michael Reaves's Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter, Lorn Pavan's I-5YQ (I-Five) show up and continue that story line. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of medical detail given without being gruesome. It seems that many novelists have a few fields or specialties that they focus on and here it was very much the anatomical and medical side of things. These books were very hard for me to find on audio when they originally came out, so I was very glad to finally be able to enjoy them.

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