Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Serial

My sister recommended The Serial to me back at Thanksgiving or Christmas, and I finally got around to listening to it here this spring.  I chose to listen to it in place of an adult nonfiction this round.  The sort was interesting and riveting and I know that the goal was for it to be listened to a week at a time, the way old serial magazine stories were written, but just like I don't like listening to stories that are part of a series until the series is complete, I preferred the podcast this way- all at one, rather than one at a time.  I listened to a lot of it while I had down time because of student testing that was going on and I think I finished the whole series in less than 36 if not 24 hours.  First, the catchy theme music sounds best at x2.  There were times where I had to slow it down to listen to some of the low-quality audio and telephone recordings, but overall I enjoyed listening to it.  I feel conflicted about the case and personally I'm not sure there was really enough for him to be convicted in the past, but now that he has been and he'r pretty much at the end of his appeal options, I am not convinced there is enough evidence to release him.  Personally, I think he is innocent and I was glad to hear this week that his case is being looked at again, but it does make me wonder, as well, why is his case getting a second look?  Is it the most deserving, aren't there others, and how do you decide?  I don't have these answers, but it does make you think.

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