Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Book Review- America Again- Stephen Colbert

I'm sure that listening to this book causes me to lose some of the humor that is in the print version.  This certainly happened with I Am America, And So Can You! where there were numerous visual gags, but none-the-less this was a very enjoyable book.  I don't know why, but for some reason it seems that only autobiographies and comedies are regularly read the the author.  When the author is not a performer their audiobook usually stinks, but here it is great.  Furthermore, when read by the author there are some changes inevitably made, if nothing else referring to the book as an audiobook and consciously taking out references to reading in the pages and replacing them with things like listening to this story.  Having said all of that, there were some great audio only gags as well, including the opening of the book which was mono- through one ear before going stereo through both, I even got upset that my earbuds had possibly went bad.
America Again was shorter, but more well organized than Colbert's prior book.  In it he discussed, in his normal comedic ├╝ber-conservative style, the issues that face America today.  Many of these issues need to be dealt with and are not getting the attention or the solutions they need.  I laughed throughout and overall agreed with him most of the time.  I laughed continuously and my family thought I was crazy since I was listening to the book while doing normal activities.  There were lots of jokes and unfortunately, it was kind of overload and I don't recall a lot.  However, my favorite one was probably where he was talking about he financial collapse in the Fall of 2008 and he stated it was "Negative four months into Barack Obama's presidency", which I think we sometimes forget.  Certainly President Obama was guilty a couple of years later of still using the crutch that he inherited a lot of these problems when he took office, and he certainly has been no where near as transparent as he said he would be, but sometimes we forget who and what political party caused most of the issues that we faced in the first decade of the 21st century.  I do not look forward to the day when Stephen Colbert leaves Comedy Central and The Colbert Report because this has been his talent and his bread and butter for so long that even if he can make it as a normal late-night host and compete against Fallon [which already is an uphill battle] I don't see how he can bring this type of humor and politicism over with him.  I have to imagine that the satire will be done, as well as the "me focus" that he has, and I have a hard time imagining that if it does not end that instead his late-night career will come to an end as well.  It will be a shame if this is the last time we see Colbert hit hard politically.

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